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Around the middle of January 2006, Wild Bill decided to give a quick phone call to his old buddy of forty years and former bass player, Jimmie Vestal, the chart-breaking indie songwriter-musician-publisher and recording artist. The two chatted about old times and what each one had on deck for 2006. But when Wild Bill began to tell his friend about some of the projects he currently had going in Vegas, somehow Jimmie picked up on the fact that Wild Bill wasn't telling his old bass player everything that was going on. After a bit of nagging, finally Wild Bill was forced to reveal some pretty shocking facts to his old bandmate.

"Come on, Wild Bill," insisted the friend of four decades,"Spill the beans. We have been through thick and thin too long for you not to confide in me when I sense there is something wrong."

"Well, Jim, I have already told you a little about how many medically related bills I have acquired since 2003. And it's been an uphill battle trying to do much else except spend most of my waking hours working on ways to clear the slate."

"I know it's tough," Jimmie replied trying to encourage Wild Bill. "But you've always been such a resourceful guy and I know you can eventually pay them all off. I know you can."

"That's true," Wild Bill mumbled. "But all this effects more that just me. You know that my wife and I started this free reading school program with our own original curriculum in 1994 with live classes and then to reach more students we went on the internet at the end of 1996. And at the end of 2005, our free online course had helped over 50,000 students worldwide learn the basics in improving their reading skills."

"That's great," Jimmie interrupted, "and knowing you all these years, I am sure that it won't be very long until your school has helped another 50,000 kids."

"That's the real problem, Jim," Wild Bill sighed. "If I cannot rid myself of this mountain of debt that grows bigger each day, then I will have no choice but to just tell all the new parents, teachers, community volunteers and even the children who visit the website seeking the extra help they need to assist others in becoming better readers that it is no longer available...closed!"

"No way," exclaimed Jimmie! " There must be some way to keep your free school available to future students. What will it take to keep the school going?"

"Clearing up this mountain of debt," Wild Bill blurted out.

"Wait a minute. How much money are we talking about?" queried Jimmie.

"I don't know exactly," answered Wild Bill. "Come on, guess," Jimmie pressed his old friend.

"I guess it all adds up to about seventy grand," Wild Bill estimated. "You don't have seventy grand laying around your house or buried in the back yard, do you?"

"I wish I did," Jimmie responded.

Jimmie then tried to encourage his old friend assuring Wild Bill that something would pop up and turn the whole situation around. As the conversation ended, Jimmie made Wild Bill promise to keep in touch by email on what was happening and then the phone call was over.

But Jimmie Vestal is not a man to allow a friend to be pushed down by the weight of circumstances of the world...not if he can create, invent or produce a solution. So Jimmie tried to get back to his own projects, but he kept thinking about the excitement and enthusiasm he had been used to hearing for forty years in Wild Bill's voice but now it was missing. Vestal knew if he had the money to spare an old friend from another sleepless night, then he would gladly step up and remove this yoke.

Then it occurred to him that perhaps if he could not solve the problem with something he "didn't have", then maybe he could try and solve it with something he did possess...his years of being a talented songwriter, musician and recording artist.

That is when he set his mind to writing a song about his old friend's situation in hopes that if other people knew about what was going on, then "just maybe", something positive would happen and set Wild Bill free again to be able to focus on helping kids learn to read.

In his excitement, Jimmie's creative juices began to flow with the lyrics, the music and the most unique and different beat he had ever put in any of his over 170 previous masterpieces. After only one day, he emailed Wild Bill that there was a major surprise coming that could turn these stressful circumstances into a fun and happy event.

Finally, when Jimmie could wait no longer, he called Wild Bill's Vegas number and on Cooksey's answer phone, Vestal let two minutes of the new song be recorded. Needless to say, when Wild Bill heard it, he laughed, jumped up and down and even shed a few tears of joy realizing what a special friend he had made forty years before when he and Jimmie played together on stage.

Now because of Jimmie's talents and the pickle Wild Bill is in the world has a chance through a wild adventure in music and humor to know that "WILD BILL NEEDS 7O GRAND"! Both Jimmie and Wild Bill hope that the song will come to the attention of the right person or persons who don't think kids should be denied a chance to continue to have the opportunity to learn the basics of reading by enrolling in Wild Bill's free online school.

And won't it be fun to let the next 50,000 students one day listen to the song that kept alive the school that helped them learn how to read?

Two long time friends + A lively, fun song + A mountain of debt + A compassionate public = An opportunity for another 50,000 kids to learn how much joy they can experience by just picking up a book or a newspaper and reading with ease!

Solutions come in many different sizes and shapes, but few quite as much fun as listening to "WILD BILL NEEDS 70 GRAND" especially since this is the song that will keep the free online program available to every child and adult worldwide who desires to improve his or her English reading skills.

To teach someone you love the basics of reading, click here to visit The USA Reading School Online.

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Words and Music By
Jimmie R. Vestal

My pal, Wild Bill, needs $70 grand
Back in Winston-Salem, I played in his band
I left North Carolina - and went to the Navy
While my pal, Wild Bill, kept making the gravy.

In Las Vegas he played at the Silver City Lounge
For over 18 hours, the crowd was spell-bound
He tried to break the world record and get listed in that book
My pal, Wild Bill, has that far out - spacy look.

My pal, Wild Bill, needs $70 grand
He has a bunch of bills and could use a helping hand
His friend, Jimmie Vestal, has composed this song
And with some promotion this will help things along.

This ain't a scam and I'm hoping to raise some cash
To help Wild Bill and then send him on a bash
Across the U.S.A. - to stir up the crowds
I might even join him and we're both be proud.

My pal, Wild Bill, needs $70 grand
He has a bunch of bills and could use a helping hand
If Wild Bill is not at home, I'll tell you some more
Please slide the $70 grand underneath his door.

Round: (in that great majestic style of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat")

My Pal, Wild Bill, needs $70 grand
He has a bunch of bills and could use a helping hand.

Wild Bill's website will give you some facts
About this super showman and all about his act
W - W - W - Wild Bill - USA - dot - com
Now make your contact.

Round: My Pal, Wild Bill, needs $70 grand
He has a bunch of bills and could use a helping hand.

Copyright Jimmie R. Vestal
Sand and Palms Music (BMI)