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We have updated our pages to make them more user friendly and easier to print out.

We are giving you two Internet addresses for accessing our lessons. Each of the two websites contains the exact same material. If one site is down for maintenance or repair, the other site will still be up. That way, there should be no delay in your accessing our lessons at any time of the day or night.

Please remember that Step Two is given without charge to those who are faithful in submitting their Step One Friday reports. If you have NOT been up to date in your progress reports please know that you might be asked for a donation to continue with the program once Step One is completed.

If you have been up to date in submitting your progress report or if you just enrolled quite recently, you were given the new locations in email. If you are an enrolled supervisor and have been accessing the lessons from this site, but did not receive our email notification of the changes, please email us for the lessons. And please give us your approximate date of enrollment. Thank you!