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Thank You For Helping Keep Our School Free

Here Is How To Make A Very Special Donation
For $100.00 (One-Hundred Dollars)
*** We Are Currently Only Able To Receive Funds
According To The Instructions Listed Below ***

Step One:
Select the amount you would like to contribute to help us teach more children and adults the basics of reading.

Step Two:
Call 1-800-325-6000 or 1-800-225-5227 to make your payment by using your Visa Card, MasterCard, Discovercard or American Express Card.  

Step Three:
Tell the Western Union representative you want to send a cash payment of $75.00 payable only to Charles W. Cooksey (Director Of The USA Reading School, Bill Cooksey's full name) to be accepted at a Western Union location in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Step Four:
After the representative on the phone has finished preparing the paperwork to send the requested funds, you will be given a Western Union Transaction Number which you should make sure you keep for your records.

Step Five:
The Western Union Finance Charge for handling and sending the seventy-five dollar payment will be twenty-five dollars. This makes the amount of your total donation one-hundred dollars which is the amount that will be charged to your credit card.

Step Six:
It would be very kind if you would then email us to confirm that your donation has been made and is ready to be picked up. If you also include the Western Union Transaction Number you were given, then it will be very helpful. We will certainly want to send you a correspondence telling of our appreciation for your generosity.

You may email us at: