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THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT ME AGAIN!!! A la Las Vegas, the Americana Racquet Club has a cozy little room , Pucci's Pub, wherein a real weirdo named Wild Bill Cooksey talks, sings, strums and goes bonkers nightly.

He's very good at weird and he must be canny to stay one step ahead of the guys in the white coats. Like he wears a cowboy hat, a glittery pair of boxer shorts(on top of his trousers, mind you) and only one shoe. However, we understand that each night the costume gets more bizarre depending on the Wild One's moods. But aside from the outfit, an example of just one of the things he does is when he goes through strange rituals and antics wherein two people are introduced, given 60 seconds to conclude their courtship and immediately married in a mock ceremony. As to date, there are actually three couples who never knew each other before attending Cooksey's show and now are legally married. There have been even two known children produced from this trio of official weddings. We said Wild Bill was weird....

Cooksey is what my grandma used to call a blattin' machine- he talks a lot. And he's always on long as they will let him stay. When he isn't talking, he's playing either his electric guitar, acoustic guitar or a house keyboard and singing his far out version of things like "Kawliga" (remember that?) or the Name Game or some parody of a song made popular by one of the hundreds of famous recording acts he has toured with. Sometimes there's one of those percussion machines that keeps up the beat and it's all very informal.

And very weird.....And fun!

Dean Johnson
Sentinel Star
Orlando, Florida


His is the kind of madcap off-the-wall comedy which made Grossinger's, Don Rickles and Miami Beach entertainment draws.

Cooksey is insulting without being vulgar...weird, but not ridiculous....flamboyant, but not obnoxious.

His comedy routines are a melange of props and parodies geared to audience involvement. Many include warped dialogues with imaginary people in candid-camera style situations.

Another side to his talent is that he plays more than 20 instruments and his serious guitar strumming rivals that of Mason Williams. His variety of vocals include an excellent Johnny Cash/Freddy Fender take off and a contrasting, powerful set of pipes on closing ballads that has his happy audience quickly to their feet the second the last high note has been belted out.

Dressed like a striped elf in the Black Forest, Cooksey is one performer whose show we can safely call unique. Catch his act. Dull it isn't!

Laurie Buckley
Las Vegas Sportsline
Las Vegas USA Radio


Participation is the key word. Wild Bill is all wound up for every second he's on stage...20 minutes or 5 doesn't matter! And he expects the audience to participate in his show as well as enjoy it.

"People say my act is something that should be performed in a mental ward," said Wild Bill serenely. The bearded, veteran singer of thousands of songs and has played over 20 instruments in his career was once billed as "a musical Don Rickles".

....Timing is important here...and Cooksey is blessed with it!

Cooksey candidly admitted that much of his abilities as a musician and comic were acquired by watching other entertainers.
"I'm like a monkey in a zoo. I watch others and imitate them," he explained.
Cooksey's fans soon catch on to his muttering, "Get'em Drummer!". This is the entertainer's signature and he's apt to use it dozens of times during the course of an evening's entertainment.
The drummer, for those who don't know already, is a tiny, fanciful creature which Cooksey claims always is lurking inside a piece of his electronic equipment.

His show is a fun-filled-filibuster of comedy and music! Cooksey is a rootin', tootin', trouble-makin', guitar-playin' troubadour with a repertoire of characters, costumes and contests..........

On stage, however, he is a dedicated performer with a madcap entertainment routine aimed at involving the audience and giving them a roaring good time!

Using visual props and parodies, Cooksey makes sure his material is all related to audience involvement and he has a sharp wit and timing for mike patter and comeback. "Wild Bill" comes on wearing a black hat, loud clothes and a bundle of enthusiasm.




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