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This "THREE" Page FAX Is Being Sent To:
In Reference To His Vegas PBS Interview:

Dear Mr. Molasky,

Your recent interview on the local Vegas PBS station concerning Education was extremely inspiring to me. This new online program you and Mr. Lionel have created is exactly the type of resource needed to fill a very special need in our community.

Needless to say, the contributions you and your family have made to this Valley are just awesome and I remember being totally impressed upon my first arrival in Vegas in 1968 walking through the brand new Boulevard Mall. Although I have never had the pleasure of meeting you in person, I do indeed remember the kind words my good friend, Joe Delaney, had to say about you and all of your contributions here in Southern Nevada.

When you mentioned in the interview that you and Mr. Lionel were partnered in your special online law project, it struck another positive chord. Back in 2004, my late wife and I were invited by Mr. Lionel's Event Planners to share our expertise in graphology with his guests at the Firm's Spring Retreat Weekend at the Furnace Creek Inn in Death Valley. The experience of interacting with such a dynamic group of people will always be one I will treasure. But the memory is one I can never forget because it was the last trip out of the Valley my wife and I shared before she lost her brave battle with cancer. The kindness Mr. Lionel and his staff extended to us on that weekend meant more than words could ever express.

As your passion for the importance of education came through so strongly in the PBS interview, I knew I just had to share with you one of the overpowering motivations in my own life the last 14 years. It was in 1994 that my wife, a thirty-year professional educator certified to teach in seven states, and I authored our three volume curriculum entitled "Foundational Phonics". At the time we were doing our syndicated Bay Area radio program and began holding free classes in Northern California. The responses and successes were so great in our classes that requests began coming from all over the world for our free materials. By 1996 it became more reasonable to modify the program and adapt it to be user friendly on the internet creating The World's First Free Online Original Reading Program. Then all the flood gates opened when thousands and thousands of public and private schoolteachers, homeschool parents and volunteer literacy organizations enrolled online so they could start using our program with their students.

We even had a university include our curriculum as a mandatory part of a required course for education majors to receive state teacher certification. Our lessons were printed weekly in newspapers in different parts of the world to be used as a learning resource. And best of all, the testimonies of the success of the program on a daily basis with kids and adults were the greatest reward we could ever have received. We knew the proram was truly making a difference in people's lives.

In 1997 we decided to move back to Vegas in hopes some of the movers and shakers in the expanding hotel industry would want to use our fast track, quick start learning program to increase communication skills for their non-English speaking employees. Obviously, we were dreaming and all the Valley's focus at that time was on creating bigger buildings and irresistible attractions.

However, the internet enrollments just kept growing and growing by leaps and bounds, keeping us totally busy helping our global students. Meanwhile, we used our artist and entertainment services at trade shows, conventions and special events to help fund the operation of the school which had now officially become The USA Reading School at

Everyone and his brother kept telling us to just charge the students who wanted to learn to read. But a child or an adult not being able to read already puts the entire family at a financial disadvantage. We just could not see putting more of a burden on them which would also serve as an easy excuse to just continue in a lifestyle of not being able to read.

We did go the non-profit route with a NV corporation, IRS approved. But when we began to relate the needs of the school to local businesses and individuals, we received comments like: "So someone cannot read...who cares?"...and "That's why we pay schools can teach students to read." So eventually we saw no need for the yearly expense for a non-productive 501(c)3 corporation and just continued trying to fund it ourselves.

Even if only one person had learned to read, then all our efforts would have been worth it.

But in the school's 14 years, over 50,000 students worldwide have benefited from our program. In the two years since my wife's passing I have been blessed to be able to continue offering free enrollment, plus email and phone support to our students. Many of the parents report their kids were diagnosed with ADD and ADHD in school because they were unable to become successful readers and socially interact properly with other students.

But in numerous situations the parents told us that after only three or four weeks of a child being actively involved with our daily lessons, suddenly the school examined the child again to find the ADD or ADHD problem was no longer present. The key to this is simply that our program is designed to increase focus and continually promote re-enforcement exercises and activities so the student is able to retain the knowledge taught in the lessons.

One of my wife's greatest desires in her last days was to move forward with our plan to reach over a million students with our original program. Our goal was to put all three volumes of our curriculum including the scholastic text, the educational songs, the fun games and learning activities, plus the re-enforcement exercises on CD or DVD to be distributed freely to every public library, public and private school, as well as church and community voluteer literacy centers so that no person of any age would be denied the opportunity to learn how to improve English reading skills.

Unfortunately, due to her passing this plan has been delayed. But because I know how much it meant to her and means to me, I am now moving forward to achieve this goal on my own. Not many things in life are really that important. But THIS IS!

Using a documented media promotional event for our artist careers we initiated in 1988 on the bridge between Bullhead City and Laughlin, I have begun the completion of "The World's Longest Cartoon". Having personally been through the struggles of breaking a Guinness Book World Record here in Vegas in 1976, I know that it takes determination, hard work and persistence to accomplish. The purpose of this event is to create awareness of the fact that our proven Free Online Program is still available 24/7 online at and all ANYONE who desires to improve English reading skills has to do is go to the website and complete the enrollment process.

My goal is to draw 50,000 cartoon faces of "real people" on over 200 rolls of register tape paper representing Each Of The 50,000 students worldwide the program has benefited in the last 14 years. The finished product would be able to be stretched from The Stratosphere Hotel all the way South on the Strip to the Famous Las Vegas Sign....about 5.7 miles. The pupose is not to bring some kind of fame to me, but to reach the countless millions of potential students who would see a great improvement in the quality of their lives after taking advantage of our Free Online Reading Program at

Hopefully with enough media coverage and individual participation, this Event could help me launch into my ultimate goal of distributing the one million copies of the curriculum on CD or DVD.

Mr. Molasky, because I hold you in such high esteem for your dedication towards advancement in education and because you are one of the primary pioneers in making my favorite Valley on Earth such a great place to live, I would be so very honored if you would be kind enough to grant me permission to include your face as a cartoon representing one of the 50,000 students our program has helped in 14 years. I promise it will only be a simple cartoon that blends in with the thousands of others in the finished product. I would really appreciate you allowing me to do this.

I hope you will please take the time to contact me with or without permission to include you and anyone else you suggest in The World's Longest Cartoon.

You can contact me by email at:
My phone number is:

My postal mailing address is:
1400 S. Valley View Blvd.
# 1002
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Please accept my most humble appreciation for taking the time to read my correspondence. After seeing you on PBS, I was totally inspired and motivated to move forward with this project ASAP.

For forty years everyone from Florida to California and especially Vegas has known me by my stage name. It is way too late to change that now!
So I Respectfully Remain,
Wild Bill Cooksey

The Book, "I'll Climb That Mountain", About Breaking My First Guinness Book World Record Can Be Found Online At: