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A Professional Signature Comparison Analysis of:
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This report is based only on the individual signatures of Jim Gibbons and Dina Titus and therefore describe each person's public image. The private personality of Jim and Dina may be totally diffent.

The Signatures Used In This Analysis:
DINA TITUS: Personally Obtained From Subject On October 24, 2006
A Complete 13 Page Graphology Text Report With Color Graphs And Charts For DINA TITUS Can Be Viewed By Clicking Here!

JIM GIBBONS: Official Signature From His Congressional Website
There Is No Full Graphology Report Created For Mr. Gibbons Because We Were Unable To Obtain Any Other Samples Of His Writing Except His Signature On His Website.

Both candidates put a moderate amount of energy into finding physical and material pleasures. Their individual enjoyment of physical activity is about average. Dina's signature also shows that she tends to have sufficient energy in reserve to call upon when necessary, as long as this energy reserve is not tapped too frequently. Both candidates have a moderate drive to accumulate money or material possessions. However Jim and Dina are able to hold on to their money. Neither is overly thrifty nor overly generous.
When Jim and Dina are faced with emotional situations, they both are able to remain in control. Dina's feelings are typically moderate in intensity while Jim is able to also control his emotions fairly well. Jim's signature shows he tries to maintain an emotional keel in every situation, while Dina has an optimistic outlook and a buoyant spirit.
Dina is able to process information quickly, but when necessary she will slow down to be more deliberate and precise. Jim's thinking style is more deliberate as he tries to solve problems by relying on experience and stored knowledge. Both candidates do indeed tend to be cautious in their thinking and problem solving approach. His signature shows that he might get the urge more often than Dina to just "jump right in". Dina and Jim are both strong in logic, but each one is likely to be short on intuition. Jim and Dina both enjoy exercising the imagination. Dina is interested both in day to day activities and in intellectual pursuits. But Jim's interests in these two areas in which Dina flouishes tends to go up and down according to his perception of the current circumstances. Their thinking styles are deliberate, cautious and precise. Both try to solve problems by relying on experience and stored information. Jim and Dina tries to solve problems by relying on experience and stored knowledge. He relies strongly on his logic and she tends to be more cautious in her strategy.
Personality Traits:
Jim and Dina appear to be extremely self-confident. They both value highly the roots of their family and the achievements each has had. Dina is inclined at times to just put things off. Jim tends to be impatient but leaves no doubts about what he wants. Dina can exercise self-discipline when she needs to adapt to changing conditions. The behavior of both candidates is consistent. Both are versatile, creative and spontaneous. Plus, Dina's signature shows she is sophisticated and has good taste.
Both candidates present themselves clearly to others. When questioned, Dina can be discreet, tactful and genuine in her responses. On the other hand, Jim can be direct or emphatic when communicating. Jim is also capable of discernment and can be reasonably sympathetic. Dina and Jim both are able to take an active part in social activities without requiring the spotlight. Each candidate desires that others respect and admire them. However, at times Jim tends to try too hard to impress people which eventually creates an internal battle of overcoming the implied criticism of others.
Jim and Dina are more than able to plunge into new projects, even if the projects are already underway. Both candidates are able to work alone or as a member of a team. The difference here between the two of them is that Dina likes to be efficient in her work, but she will slow down to make sure that she does the job right. Jim is more concerned with accuracy than the speed of his work. In taking up a new project, both candidates can build one idea upon the other; in discussing something with which each of them is already familiar, neither one of them have any trouble producing quick answers.
***Dina's enthusiasm wavers. At times she is cautious and at other times she can be impatient. She is ambitious and probably has long-term plans for her future. Dina takes much pride in her performance.
***Jim is willing to comply with company rules and put up with the boss's idiosyncracies. He is also able to get along well with his co-workers. Jim goes after what he wants in a direct focused manner.

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