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Before I start in on Who "Wild Bill" is, I'd really appreciate it if all of you who have come to this page would tell every Big Beautiful Woman you know ...and that they know...about my soon to be released song, "Big Beautiful Women Know How To Strut Their Stuff", which FINALLY gives the MEN OF THE WORLD the wake up call my friends the BBWs have been waiting for since 1890 when Women of Size were cherished and adored because of their limitless beauty.

That's right! It is time we come full circle in recognizing that Big Beautiful Women are not just "more to love", but we can prove from the work of a Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist that Big Beautiful Women can actually "love you more". When I was doing research while writing the new Tribute Song to BBWs being the world's most unrecognized resource for affection, I saw with my very eyes that Larger Ladies do have in their bodies the extra chemical ingredients that motivate the part of a woman's body which can produce more endorphins and thus bring a whole lot more pleasure to the man they choose to love.

The audio version of "Big Beautiful Women Know How To Strut Their Stuff" should be available (hopefully) in a week or so if the studio time can arranged to fit everyone's schedules. But I'm here in Las Vegas and I realize that near the last week in July there is going to be a BBW BASH here that will be unlike any other ever on the planet. Okay, Ladies...COME ON Vegas that is.

What I am hoping to do is find hundreds of Big Beautiful Women who will be in town for the BBW BASH and ask them to voluntarily give us permission freely to FILM THEM TO BE IN MY MUSIC VIDEO That Will Present My BBW Message to the World Visually! LADIES, I NEED YOUR HELP...PLEASE! If you would be willing to be a part of this BBW Attitude Changing Event and Project PLEASE either email me here at

You will not have to disrupt any of your fun here at the BASH. Just let me know how to contact you and I will find you once you get into Vegas. Understand that I cannot just go film everybody because they are at an event without each individual's written permission to be included in this project.

We want the footage for the video to be "Family Friendly" so it can be seen on ALL TV Networks, especially the News Channels. LADIES, THIS IS THE CHANCE TO CHANGE THE ENTIRE WORLD'S DISTORTED CONCEPT OF HOW BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN SHOULD BE TREATED!

My song will make you jump, laugh and rejoice in that it makes you ladies the most romantic and cherished creatures on this earth...the way it well should be. It is going to be FUN FUN FUN!

But if I do not hear from a lot of BBWs from all over the US and the world, then I could become disheartened thinking maybe Larger Ladies like being treated as second class love objects. So come on, girls! The more of us that jump on this train right NOW, the more the media and the rest of the world will be unable to refuse to hear us.

And think of the millions of men who have been misinformed about the wonders of BBWs and are just waiting for that wake up call to come proudly knocking on your front door, and not just sneaking around by your back door so no one sees them. I want you to come out in force by contacting me, even if you cannot make the Vegas Trip.

Then if enough BBWs rise up, I will bring my song and my energy to wherever you are locally! We will organize some rallies and go straight to every media outlet in your area proclaiming that BBWs ARE FINALLY SET FREE and are READY TO BE LOVED AND ADORED FOR WHO THEY ARE!!! UNITED WE STAND!!!

Now you've got me excited and standing on a soapbox shouting it out to the world. Because there is one more thing that BBWs are going to get if you will help me get this word out there. BBWs DESERVE R-E-S-P-E-C-T! And you are going to finally get it.

I'm waiting on you ladies to show me that you know you are the finest and the best of the best. Now let's get that message out there to the rest...of the world!

Join with me Ladies, right up to the edge of the deep waters. Because together we are going to walk across on dry ground to a new BBW Promised Land where everyday is going to be one of Milk and Honey, and more Honey, for every Beautiful Woman Of Size!

Wild Bill is fired up and ready to go.

Are you with me, or are you satisfied with how you are being treated today?

Don't let me down, please.

If I were not serious, would I have written a positive, romantic and encouraging song called "BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN KNOW HOW TO STRUT THEIR STUFF"?

The first line of the song is, "Big Beautiful Women Turn Me On". Why do they turn me on?

Because BBWs have so much to offer a man, not just physically, but intelligently, spiritually, emotionally and no one has a bigger heart or is more loyal than a Big Beautiful Woman.

Your other BBW Sisters are counting on you too! I'm checking my email right now because I am expecting to hear from YOU!!


Please, Click on my PICS first

This "Wild Bill" is just "Wild Bill" more, no less.

I have been really blessed to have crossed paths with so many fantastic individuals and experiences in my life that it is even hard for me to conceive. It's hard to believer that during just one ten year period in my career while doing music and comedy in nightclubs alone that I actually got to directly speak to over one million people by asking them the usual , "Hi, where are you guys from? Hey, that's great! What's your name? Are you married?...and blah blah blah".

Anything to get the people to open up so I could do all the audience participation craziness that I invented over the years like squeezing my Rubber Duckie contest, the surprise ending blindfolded massage experience, the untraditional mating of the unmarried frog puppets, the bearded-man ladies undies stobe-light strip spectacular, the ultimate audience couples "moan and groan"/" necking contest" and every drunken sing-a-long routine since Adam and Eve that I could intimidate the intoxicated patrons into blasting out while they jumped on the tables and chairs.

The good news is that there is more on my plate today to do than at any other time of my life. And now you honor me by paying a special visit to this myspace page. How much better can it get?

For those who are just curious about so many of the folks I got to work with in my career, just hop over to . While you're there you can see some the crazy things I thought up and actually pulled off, yet still lived to tell about. You might even want to take an hour or so and read my funny but sad book online about breaking that Guinness Record in Vegas. I think you'll have fun checking out "Wild Bill".

The insanity I produced on stage also gained enough attention from folks that I was actually allowed to have a syndicated radio program which was broadcasted from the Bay Area from 1985 through 1997 first to 12 million residents in California. Then in '95. the shows ran weekly in 22 major metro areas covering a total resident population of over one hundred million listeners.

My entertainment talents and my skills as a personality profiler and analyst via handwriting samples and facial feature diagnostics are not only tons of fun to be able to do as I interact with all kinds of people in Vegas at conventions, trade shows and parties, but those gigs also help me fund my passion to see kids and adults learn to read by enrolling in the free online reading school my late wife and I started 13 years ago that has helped over 50,000 students worldwide improve reading skills at no charge. So don't be shy to ask me about all I do, because if I can provide a service for you then you will be joining together with me in blessing more students who want to learn to read.

If you want to see what a professional handwriting analysis looks like for Martha Stewart, Jay Leno or even Scott and Laci Peterson, hop over to and check out the text report and the color graphs. I think you'll be very surprised at what all the report reveals.

I even have a comparison of how Ms. Spears signature was different when she signed up for the quickie marriage in Vegas as to how she wrote her name only hours later on the dismissal of the event papers.

Graphology is fascinating and when I tell people statistically and scientifically about how the features in their face gives me great insight to their behavior traits and characteristics, they are amazed.

Sometimes I just glance at the pictures of people on websites and instantly I know what makes the person tick. Then I can pretty well tell what needs to be changed or adjusted in their lives for them to be able to overcome difficulties they are going through at the time and to become much more successful in the future.

Back in 2000 I really got into this and now I help in private cases with law enforcement agencies, human resource departments and attorneys. If you are a young person looking for an exciting field of work that you can start on right now, personality profiling is sure to be more popular in the future than any of us can imagine.

I am always delighted to hear from new friends. So don't be a stranger. Thanks again for stopping by.

Your Pal, Wild Bill

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