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Report for - Jay Leno
Prepared by Cooksey & Associates

Motivating Forces

Restrictions of any type leave Jay chafing at the bit. He must be free to do what he wants to do, when he wants to do it, with
no confining ties that bind. Emotionally independent, he does not feel bound to follow the same conventions and rules as
everyone else. He relies on what he feels is right. His need for material and financial security is about average. What this
means is, he works to take care of his needs and those of his family, but is not so driven that he make security his sole focus.
He can handle some discord, but if it goes on for long, you can expect him to become very unhappy. After a certain point, he
is likely simply to walk away from the situation.

Personal Dynamics

He usually demonstrates common sense when making decisions. Once in a while though, his personal feelings may get the
better of him and color the final outcome. A reasonable amount of optimism allows him to bounce back when things go
wrong. When bad things happen he is able to keep a positive mental outlook and remember that tomorrow is likely to be a
better day.

Ego Strength

Perhaps because he holds himself to such high standards, he is intolerant of hypocrisy in others. Once he knows that
someone has been less than completely open and direct with him, he will probably not give them a second chance. A strong
sense of pride prevents him from tolerating sloppiness or disorder, at least in the way he does his work. He maintains a high
standard of performance which he is unwilling to compromise. With strong self-esteem, he doesn't allow others to set
standards for him. He sets and lives up to his own expectations. He is able to accomplish in a big way. With his solid
strength of purpose as an impetus to move things along, his willpower enables him to meet his goals. Jay has average
self-confidence when it comes to taking on new responsibilities. He believes in his ability to handle major undertakings
successfully if they are within the realm of his experience.

Defenses & Controls

Jay may have been subjected to severe criticism at some point in his life and, as a result, is very hard on himself. The need to
be absolutely perfect puts a tremendous amount of stress on him. He tries to keep a clear perspective when it comes to the
importance emotional conflicts play in his life. Not wanting them to assume too great a role, he refuses to allow them too
much space. He has his fair share of inhibitions. When it comes to moving into unfamiliar areas, he usually waits until he has
sufficient information to make a good decision before going forward. He recognizes the need to maintain balance between
acting on his impulses and controlling them when they are not appropriate or well-timed. Just as importantly, he also has the
capacity to distinguish the difference. He is less interested in acquiring new possessions than in maintaining what is already
his. Neither does he have any difficulty letting go when something has outlived its usefulness.

Intellectual Style

Jay likes to use his imagination to visualize big dreams for himself. However, the vast amount of energy he spends on
daydreaming leaves little time to bring his dreams into being and make them real. A quick thinker who relies on his first
impressions, he finds it natural to tap into his intuition and sum up people and situations quickly and easily. He has a strong
belief in his gut reactions, even when the evidence doesn't seem to support his intuitive response. He has a creative mind
that gives him the capacity both to create and to expand on standard models. Whether he is making something out of nothing
or improving on what already exists, you can be sure the results will be sensational. Basically conservative, his mind is
open, but within conventional boundaries, revealing a limited desire to explore various options and alternatives before
making choices.

Communication Style

Others will soon discover that he is what he seems. He doesn't feel compelled to put on airs or act deceptively. His obvious
sincerity leaves him with low tolerance for those who are deceptive or hypocritical. He is a good confidante. A very private
person, he is unlikely to reveal confidential information, even when faced with great temptation. His mouth is closed, locked,
the key carefully hidden. When he is annoyed he doesn't always concern himself with tact or diplomatic language. He tends
to blurt out whatever is on his mind, regardless of the consequences. Some people might call him ingenuous or guileless,
as he doesn't always seem to know the effect his frankness has on others. In fact, his candidness can sometimes be hurtful.
His sense of humor paves the way for good communication, as he remembers to laugh once in a while.


His energy level seems sufficient to complete a normal day of activity without undue stress. Of course, it is important for him
to get a proper amount of rest in order to recharge his physical and emotional batteries. He takes sex seriously. For him it is
difficult to be free and easy about such an important subject. Because he has a tendency to stay grounded in the moment,
having fun and role-playing or doing things differently may not be something he has considered. It would probably be
enlightening if he could talk himself into forgetting for a moment where he is and just do something different on the spur of
the moment.

Interpersonal Style

His handwriting characterizes him as someone who insists on doing things his own way. He has a low need for approval and
may actually deny that he needs other people in his life. When it comes to sharing and giving, he gives when he feels he
wants to, but doesn't feel guilty when he doesn't. He knows when to turn off the supply. Moderately restrained himself, he
usually expresses his emotions appropriately. He feels a bit uncomfortable around those who display their feelings with little
inhibition. Because he wants to win the approval of his social group by acting as they do he generally follows the rules of
the group and makes sure his behavior conforms to their standards. Although sensitive to a degree, when friends offer their
opinions about his circumstances, he doesn't usually allow himself to become overwhelmed by them.





Thumbnail Sketch for Jay Leno Lone Ranger Personality Type


The Lone Ranger functions at his best when left to his own devices. He is not the type who enjoys or needs a whole lot of

physical affection or social interaction. In fact, his self-contained style can be unsettling to a more emotionally needy

partner. He prefers to spend the bulk of his time in solitary pursuits, such as reading, studying, watching television or

working at his computer.


Technical problems are much more interesting to the Lone Ranger than emotional ones, which he doesn't understand and

reacts to defensively. On the other hand, when there is a crisis or emergency, he has the strength of a rock. His calm,

dispassionate manner and cool head keep others from panicking as he calmly works out clever solutions to complicated



He has a rather distant style, even in intimate relationships. Uncomfortable expressing himself openly, he feels most real

when he is alone with his emotions. he is not one to verbalize what he feels, so, much of the time, his partner

will have to guess what is in his heart. It is difficult for him to verbalize his feelings, but sex is an excellent way to get

him to participate in life on a physical, rather than only a mental level.


The Lone Ranger finds a needy, clinging partner just as intolerable as a controlling one. Give him his space if you want him

to be happy. In a crowd (which, in his case, means more than two people), he soon begins to feel suffocated and is ready

to take his leave. A social butterfly probably might not be a good partner for him, unless she is quite independent and

willing to do the social niceties on her own a good part of the time.


The term, "intimate relationship" is something of an oxymoron in this context. The Lone Ranger's need for distance

extends to touch, and he wants to be the one who initiates any physical intimacy. A strongly Lone Ranger type does not

have the capacity or will to satisfy the type of mate who needs a whole lot of nurturing and emotional support. He is

happiest with an independent, self-sustaining partner.


Observing the Lone Ranger, he tends to be more of an onlooker than a participant in life, so he seems to live on his own

plane of existence. He often appears to go off into a place in his head where others cannot follow. The more others try to

invade his space the more intense his need for privacy becomes. He protects even the most superficial information about

his personal tastes and interests, acting as if they were state secrets. Anyone close to him who reveals what they know

about him is considered to have violated to the boundaries of the relationship and may never be forgiven.


When conflicts arise, the Lone Ranger withdraws and says nothing. He retreats to that quiet place and resents anyone

intruding on his private time. Yet, he seems to expect others to read his mind and gets impatient and irritated when the

other person doesn't know what he wants. When he is upset or angry, don't expect him to tell you about it directly. He is far

more likely to show his displeasure by slamming a door or leaving without telling you where he is going.


When it comes to socializing, he feels like the proverbial fifth wheel. Because he is very cautious when it comes to meeting

anyone new, he takes his time getting to know them. And even after a long period of acquaintance, he never quite lets

down his guard all the way. Getting close to the Lone Ranger is a challenge not for the faint of heart. Approach him

through his intellect and give him a complicated problem to solve. If he feels intellectually superior to you, you will be 'way

ahead of the game.


What the Lone Ranger wants you to know about him


The Good Stuff


I Need To Call The Shots About Physical Contact

I Must Have Time To Analyze The Facts Before Responding

I Enjoy Having Complicated Problems To Solve

I Like To Be Seen As Intellectually Superior

I Want To Be Left Alone

I Enjoy Opportunities To Teach

I Am At My Best In A Quiet And Pleasant Environment

I Can Talk About Ideas, But Not About Feelings

I Need You To Respect My Boundaries

I Must Have Time To Get Used To New Things


The Not-So-Good


I Don't Like To Be Questioned On Personal Matters

I Don't Like To Be Interrupted When I Am Thinking

I Don't Want You To Try To Get Me To Have Fun

I Don't Like To Be Bothered With Mundane Details Like Eating And Sleeping

I Don't Like To Waste My Time With Chit-Chat

I Don't Want You Telling Me What To Do

I Don't Get Emotionally Involved

I Don't Like Confrontations

I Won't Jump Into A Conversation Without An Invitation

I Won't Talk About My Problems

I Don't Want You To Talk To Others About Our Relationship

I Am Not Comfortable With You Displaying Your Emotions Openly

I Don't Want You To Try To Force Me To Conform To Your Expectations





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