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Co-Founder, Janae Cooksey

This website is a tribute to the last 12 years of Janae Cooksey's life. After being a professional educator in ten states during her forty years of teaching in public and private schools, Janae's Three Volume Curriculum entitled "Foundational Phonics" was her crowning achievement in sharing her passion for increasing the quality of education for children and adults. With the total enrollment of students in live classes and online via the internet having increased year after year, the free online program had assisted over 50,000 students at the time of her death. She was always there to answer questions and give encouragement to parents and other supervisors who would call her or email her for personal advice about the best way to be most effective with the free online daily lessons. If ever a teacher gave her all in the teaching profession, Janae Cooksey was the perfect example. And because it was put on her heart as she put the entire program together for there to be no charge, no student was denied access to learning how to read as long as they had a supervisor who completed the regular enrollment application. There were hundreds of testimonies from parents whose children were either about to be asked to leave their school, about to be held back a grade or who were literally sent home because the school did not feel they had the resources to help these children who had been classified as troubled students or students with special learning difficulties. Each positive response about a child who had advanced to another level in their education because they had learned how to read by taking the program kept a sparkle in Janae's eyes and tears of joy in her heart as she saw the fruit of her labor blossom. Janae was careful to give God all the Glory for helping her put the curriculum together and for allowing her to share it with the very special students who enrolled in live classes and on the internet. Yes, Janae Cooksey influenced the lives of tens of thousands of children in her sixty-four years. Her sacrifices and determination to keep the school going in the last twelve years came with a heavy price. But the legacy she left by providing a way to increase the quality of life through education for tens of thousands of children will live on and be multiplied as the children become adults. Everything in life has a time and a season. I thank God Janae lived to see such a mighty harvest that had come from the work of her hand. Even in the last days of her life as the fast spreading cancer drained her of almost all her strength and communication skills, with a smile on her face she would still bring up the names of some of the students who had touched a special place in her heart. Though Janae never gave birth to children herself, she felt a mother's love for every student who came into her life.

In 1992 when Janae first saw the movie about the life of Marva Collins, she was totally in awe of how many lives were touched and changed by one dedicated lady. And little did Janae know that 13 years later, she, herself, with an unbelievable communication network called the internet would be directly helping over fifty thousand students worldwide with her life-changing educational program. And as my dearly departed wife would have said if I had made the previous statement in public about her......"To God Be The Glory!"

On behalf of Janae and myself, I want to personally thank every person who participated in being a part of what we called "Our Phonics Family". My hopes are that the viewing of the original enrollment pages on the internet for many years will inspire and birth a dream in the heart of someone else who will see that the world can be a better place if we are all willing to share our own God-given talents with those in need. Janae's season and harvest may be over now, but all those who knew her and her talents will rejoice for many years to come that she was willing to be a faithful servant by putting the needs of others before her own.