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Send all the requested official enrollment information ONLY in email text format.
We DO NOT receive any enrollment information in attachments!
Email the enrollment information requested to the following email address:

13. What are the special needs of your student concerning reading skills and why you think this program can help? Answer this question in a statement of at least twenty-five words and no more than fifty words.




The following is not part of the confusing text:


Address all postal mail to:


P.O. Box 81173

Las Vegas, NV 89180




There are many more rules which govern the behavior of words. These are just a few.<P>PQRpqr ba ca da fa ga ha ja ka la ma na pa qua ra sa<BR>PQRpqr ta va wa xa ya za ba ce de fe ge he je ke<BR>PQRpqr le me ne pe que re se te ve we xe ye ze ba<BR>PQRpqr ce de fe ge he je ke le me ne pe que re se te<BR>PQRpqr ve we xe ye ze bi ci di fi gi hi ji ki<BR>PQRpqr li mi ni pi qui ri si ti vi wi xi yi zi ba co<BR>PQRpqr do fo go ho jo ko lo mo no po quo ro so to <BR>PQRpqr vo wo xo yo zo ba cu du fu gu hu ju ku<BR>PQRpqr lu mu nu pu quu ru su tu vu wu xu yu zu <P>PQRpqr0 bab cab dab fab gab hab jab kab lab mab nab <BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr pab quab rab sab tab vab wab xab yab zab<BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr beb ceb deb feb geb heb HELLO MAMA!jeb keb leb meb neb <BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr peb queb reb seb teb veb web xeb yeb zeb<BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr bib cib dib fib gib hib jib kib lib mib nib <BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr pib quib rib sib tib vib wib xib yib zib<BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr bob cob dob fob gob hob job kob lob HELLO PAPA!mob <BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr nob pob quob rob sob tob vob wob xob yob <BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr zob bob cob dob fob gob hob job kob lob <BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr mob nub pub quub rub sub tub vub wub xub <BR>PQRHELLO WORLD!pqr0 yub zub<P>PQRpqrPQRpqr ga go gu ga go gu ge gi gy ge gi gy ga go gu<BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr ca co cu ca co cu ce ci cy ce ci cy ca co cu<BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr ga ca go co gu cu ge ce gi ci gy cy ge ci gy<BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr qua que qui quo quu quab queb quib quob<BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr gad gef gig goj guk cad cef cic coj cuk quuf<P>PQRpqr bae cae dae fae gae hae wHY Did THe chICKen cross ThE road???jae kae lae mae nae <BR>PQRpqr pae quae rae sae tae vae wae xae yae zae <BR>PQRpqr bae cea dea fea gea hea jea kea lea mea nea <BR>PQRpqr pea rea sea tea vea wea xea yea zea bae<BR>PQRpqr cea dea fea gea hea jea kea lea mea nea pea<BR>PQRpqr quea rea sea tea vea wea xea yea zea by cy<BR>PQRpqr dy fy gy hy jy ky ly my ny py quey ry sy ty<BR>PQRpqr wy xy yy zy bae coa doa foa goa hoa joa <BR>PQRpqr koa loa moa noa poa roa soa toa voa woa 2.Is the Student Male or Female ? xoa<BR>PQRpqr0 yoa zoa bae cue due fue gue hue jue kue<BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr lue mue nue pue queue rue sue tue vue wue<BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr xue yue zue bee cee dee fee gee hee jee<P>PQRpqr0 bay cay day fay gay hay jay kay lay may nay <BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr pay quay ray say tay vay way xay yay zay<BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr bey cey dey fey gey hey jey key ley mey ney <BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr7.In what city does the student reside? pey quey rey sey tey vey wey xey yey zey<BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr bie cie die fie gie hie jie kie lie mie nie <BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr pie quie rie sie tie vie wie xie yie zie<BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr boe coe doe foe goe hoe joe koe loe moe <BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr noe poe quoe roe soe toe voe woe xoe yoe <BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr zoe boe coe doe foe goe hoe joe koe loe <BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr moe nue pue quue rue sue tue vue wue xue <BR>PQRpqr0 yue zue yuek puem rueb huef zuen muem<P>PQRpqrPQRpqr ga go gu ga go gu ge gi gy ge gi gy ga go gu<BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr ca co cu ca co cu ce ci cy ce ci cy ca co cu<BR>PQRpqrPQRpqr ga ca go co gu cu ge ce gi ci gy cy ge ci gy<BR>PQRpqr bane cane dane fane gane hane jane kane <BR>PQRpqr pade quade rade sade tade vade wade xade<BR>PQRpqr

At the left middle, go straight down, again right.</P><P>l</P><P>Start at the left top and go straight down.<BR>abcdefghijkl</P><P></P></DD></DL></BODY></HTML>Tell your students that these are the babies. Later, you may want to usethe name upper case letters (capitals) and lower case letters (babies).<P>You may want to get some yarn and cut it into strips large enough to makeletters. Your student may enjoy making letters by shaping the yarn. Justtry to be as accurate as possible in the formation.<P>Your student may have fun using finger paint on paper to make the letters. Just make sure that they are formed correctly.<P><DL><DD>m</DD><DD> Start at the left top and go straight down.<P>Once at the left bottom, go back up to the left top and circle aroundto the right as you go to the middle bottom.</P><P>Now that you have arrived at the middle bottom, go straight back up the middle and circle around as you go down the right side.</P><P>n</P><P>Start at the left top and go straight down.</P><P>Once at the left bottom, go back up to the left top and circle around to the right as you go to the bottom.</P><P>o</P><P>Start at the right side of the top and go left.</P><P>Keep going left until your starting point.</P><P>p</P><P>Start at the left top and go straight down.</P><P>Start at the right top and go right around.</P>8. What specific search engine, message
board, homeschool link, personal referral or other directed you to our
website or how did you hear about our online classes? <P>q</P><P>Start at the right side of the top and go left.</P><P>Keep going left until about the 5:00 position on a clock.</P><P>Start at the top left and go down.</P><P>r</P><P> Start at the left top and go straight down.</P><P>Go back up the left side to the top and circle around to the right.</P><P>s</P><P>Start at the right top and follow the letter all the way around tothe left bottom.</P><P>t</P><P> Start at the middle top and go straight down.</P><P>At the left middle, go straight across to the right.</P><P>u</P><P> Start at the left top and follow the letter all the way aroundto the right top.</P><P>v </P><P></P><P> Start at the left top and slant to the bottom middle point.</P><P>Start at the right top and slant to the bottom middle point.</P><P>w</P><P>Start at the left top and go straight down.</P><P>Start at the right top and go straight down.</P><P>At the bottom left, go up to the middle right.</P><P>At the middle right, go down to the bottom right.</P><P>x</P><P>Start at the left top and go right down.</P><P>Start at the right top and go left down, crossing in the middle.</P><P>y</P><P>At the left top, go right down to the middle.</P><P>At the right top, go left down crossing the middle.</P><P>z</P><P>At the left top go across to the right.</P><P>At the right top go down to the bottom left.</P><P> At the bottom left go across right.<BR>mnopqrstuv</P></DD></DL><P>Remember that your student will retain more and develop better writing habits if he is having fun practicing letter formation.<P>Don't forget to race cars. You may want to have horse races or turtle walks. Ballerinas dancing or fairy princesses tiptoeing down the path of the letter is always interesting to little girls. Cockroaches scurrying, cowboys roping, and monsters swimming are all ideas which appeal to little boys. Remember, the story is all with the imagination as the finger points the way down the path.<P>wxyz<P>You may want to take tracing paper, place it over the letters and have yourstudent trace them with crayon or pencil. This helps to encourage the desire to write.<P>You may want to get glue and glitter, mark your letter path with glue andsprinkle the glitter as you go. If you do this on paper plates, you may want to place the plates in various parts of the house. Refer to them often and discuss each letter by its name.<P>Take buttons and make letters. You may prefer candy kisses or jelly beans.Even peanuts make good letters. Diced carrots are healthier to eat aftera letter has been shaped. Always remember to properly form the letters, nomatter what means you use to make them.<P>If you are a camera buff, take pictures of your student with the many variedshapes of home made letters.



** NOTE REMINDER: We need to have TWO email addresses for you. If the letter we send you is returned to us undeliverable, it will be put into the trash along with your enrollment information UNLESS we have a second email. And you will have to enroll again.

You may use the address of a friend or neighbor if you prefer but we need that second email address in order to contact you in case your internet server is down or your mail service is down for unknown reasons or just regular upgrades. We do not wish to have any of your lessons delayed in order for you and your student to gain the best results from studying the online lessons.

Under no circumstances will we enroll any student without the proper enrollment information which includes the answers to ALL enrollment questions listed.

Also, if you refuse to answer any question fully then your enrollment will automatically be rejected. If you cannot find an answer then you should tell us and we will give you an extended opportunity to locate it but we will not accept any enrollment application from anyone who refuses to answer any part of any question.


Make puppets with paper cups and a marker. Use glue and yarn for hair. Print an Alphabet letter on the front and back of a cup. Make one cup for each of the letters in this lesson.
Use a string to hang several puppets from a stick and watch them dance as the stick is moved from side to side.
Mix up your flash cards and have the student match them to the cups. Tell the student to mimic the voices of the puppets. You are the voice of the puppets. Speak in different pitches. If the puppet has letter A printed on it, then say the name of A in a high or low pitched voice while your student responds with the letter name in the same high or low pitch as if he or she were an echo. Vary your pitches. You may want to take turns. Let the student play the roll of the supervisor and you play the roll of the student.
Cautiously make an error here and there to see if your student will correct you. If he or she understands that an error was made but hesitates saying anything about it, tell the student to point out the mistake. 4.What is the full name of Adult Supervisor who will be supervising the lessons?If your student is unaware of an error, point out the fact that you purposely made an error. If your student then can catch the mistakes, proceed! However, if your student does not know the difference, then make no more mistakes.

The International
School of Foundational Phonics is happy to announce that there
have been thousands of students enrolled worldwide during our
three years on the Internet!

Cooksey's original curriculum is
currently being used as part of a 2

semester hour required course

for teacher certification in a midwestern college, in public and

private schools in the United States and

Canada, as well as in a
community school for adult professionals in Israel.

But you don't
have to be a teacher to teach.

You just have to care for the
student you wish to instruct
. 11.What are TWO email addresses for the

enrolled student's supervisor? All supervisors must give two email

addresses for contact correspondence.
If you are serious, it will be
important for you to follow all links on the pages of the menu to
follow, pertaining to our free classes, in order to be completely
prepared to partake of the many rewards that may be gained from
this Free Online Course.

There was something "fishie" about the French
Market Buffet on the

Monday evening that we
popped in for the weekly

"Seafood Special Night".

Now guys are supposed to be big fans of
all kinds of special vittles

from among 9.What Grade

in School (if in school) is the student

currently enrolled?

the creatures
of the deep blue sea. And Monday night is a
big night for "The Guys",

especially in a Las Vegas
Casino. The Sports Book is running full steam

on every screen
about to take control of all the "Real" men. So
who do you thin
k the

Orleans Hotel wishes to
attract to their fabulous facility? Who else?








Special note to those who would like to begin the classes immediately and would prefer a supervisor enrollment test with more of a scholastic challenge:

If you go to the following URL:

and follow ALL directions and instructions EXACTLY as found on this page and the pages afterwards, you will be taken to the table menu web page that begins the first 12 lessons of Step One Classes. If you follow these directions and answer all of the questions on the pages correctly, then you can begin your first lesson with your student in less than one hour from now.

However, you will still need to write us within one week of beginning the lessons with your name, your student's name and the date you began the lessons in order to be eligible for the free set of tests that are given after all 12 Classes in Step One have been completed.

If you do write us that you have begun the first week of daily lessons in Step One, be prepared to answer correctly a number of detailed questions about your first week of lessons that only someone who has had direct access to the first lesson materials would know. And no student is allowed to begin Step Two until after all of the requirements for Step One have been met.

Thanks again for your willingness to help someone you love learn to read.