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Please read the following special message:

When you enrolled your student or students in our free online phonics program, you received an official message from us with our policy about students who did not follow our guidelines for continued enrollment in our online course. We are referring to the message stating that if you did not contact us at least once every fourteen days with a progress report about your student or students, we would consider you were no longer considered an active participant in our program and the names of your student or students would be removed from our rolls.

If you wish to continue participating in our free online course as a supervisor or a student, you will need go to our official enrollment page. You need to enroll your student or students AGAIN by following the exact directions on the enrollment page. Also include a brief message about your previous enrollment of your student or students and the reason for dropping out and wanting to be considered for enrollment again..

We will be happy to receive your comments and questions concerning your involvement in our free online phonics program. If you are already enrolled in our online course, in the body of your letter please include the answers to ALL of the questions found on our enrollment page, so we will be able to respond accordingly. If ALL of the answers are not included in your postal letter, we will be unable to respond to your letter.
Mail all comments and questions
to the following U. S. Postal Mailing Address:

Bill and Janae Cooksey
P. O. Box 81173
Las Vegas, NV

Please allow at least 6 to 8 weeks for a reply before sending your mail again to us.

Please go to our ICQ communications center where you can page us, send email express or chat: