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"One Of The Top Graphology Experts In The USA"

SHEILA LOWE, One Of America's Foremost, Professional Graphologists And Creator Of The Exclusive Software Used By HANDWRITINGUSA.COM In Preparing Graphology Reports Verifies The Following, Partial List Of Organizations Who Use (or have used)Graphology In The USA. You May Visit Sheila On Her Website Click Here:
Partial List Of Organizations Who Use (or have used) Graphology In The USA

Alphagraphics - Printshops Of The Future, American Standards Testing Bureau, Arizona State University, Attorney F. Lee Bailey, Attorney Melvyn Belli, Bank of America, Banker's Life, BellAtlantic (Self-Improvement Seminars Only), Boeing Co., Bristol Myers, Burger King, Chevron, CIA, Citibank, City Of Los Angeles, Coca Cola, Coldwell Banker, Conn. Mutual Life, Dallas Morning News, Department of Defense, Dow Chemical, Dun & Bradstreet, Emhart Corporation, Equitable of Ohio, FBI, Federal Express, Firestone, Foley's, Ford Motor Company, General Battery, General Electric, H&R Block, H.J. Heinz, Harvard Univ.(Leadership Sem.), Highway Patrol, Honeywell, Humana Care Plus, I. Magnin, IBM, IRS, J.C. Penney, Co., Kansas State Prison, Kodak, Land O'Frost, Lloyds Of London, Macy's, Merrill Lynch, Montgomery Ward, Mutual of Omaha, Nestle, New York Life Insurance, NJ State Police, NW Mutual Life, Occidental Life Insurance, Olsten Employment Services, Olympus Camera, Pacific Bell, Paine, Weber, Jackson & Curtis, Pan Am, Peugot Motors, Principal Financial Group, Prudential Insurance, Renault, Resorts International, San Jose Police Department, St. Louis Police, Standard of Ohio, State Bar of Texas, The Aetna Life Insurance & Annuity Co., Thrifty Pay Less, Thrifty Rent-A-Car, Time, Toyota, United States Court Systems, United Technologies, UPS, USX(US Steel), Wells Fargo Bank, Westinghouse, Xerox(LA computer Division)
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