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B = Beauty

Speaking of beauty, I was known to be unique with subtle charm in all my ways

R = Responsible

And I was considered responsible and reliable all of my days;

E = Encouragement

You looked to me for encouragement in every new place;

N = Nuptials

For forty-three years, you caused the smile to appear on my face;

D = Daylight

I was the light of day and the sun at night to those who loved me;

A = Angel

Now I'm the angel of your heart reaching through Eternity;

Put the letters together and a spark will ignite into a massive flame;

I AM Brenda!

And God put lightening strength into the sound of my name;

Never to be forgotten, always to be loved, cherished, and remembered the same..

Janae Cooksey

Copyright 2003 Janae Cooksey