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We are delighted to have you as part of our online school and we know you are excited to begin your studies. Therefore, so you may commence without delay, we have prepared this webpage to make this possible immediately.

If you have already sent us your enrollment information by email, then you are ready to begin the lessons with your student.

If you have not sent in your enrollment information yet, then you need to follow the enrollment link near the bottom of this page. On the enrollment page you will be asked to answer 13 questions concerning you and your student. Please send this information in to us immediately so that you and your student will be eligible for the series of tests that are given free at the end of the 12 lessons of Step One of our program. If we do not have your enrollment information recorded and filed in our records, then access to the series of tests at the end of the Step One lessons will be denied to you and your student.

We offer our curriculum FREE without strings. However, we are not always available to respond to email questions about the program. There are times when we must be away from home in order to raise the funds to keep our courses online free, as we entertain with caricatures, music and comedy. We also offer our live classes/seminars throughout the world.

If you have clicked on the link at the bottom of the enrollment page which directed you to this page, know that the material included here will give you what you need to get started and it will also give us time to personally get back to you as soon as possible with answers to your questions since we may not be currently online and away from our computer.

If you link to the following URL the entire course, lessons and testing, is made available to you with easy step by step instructions.

Please go to the following internet address to begin:
Click here for the full Step One Menu to access the lessons.

You may want to bookmark the following page as it contains the enrollment information and testimonies which you may want to let your friends and neighbors know about.

Please do not hesitate to share our free online phonics/reading classes with others.
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Thank you for your cooperation in sending us the requested enrollment information . Please follow all directions carefully inthe Step One lessons and you should find the instructions easy enough to follow.

After the first couple of lessons you will see that you have a choice to follow Schedule A or Schedule B. Schedule A is not as advanced as Schedule B. Read the lessons carefully and make your decision as to which Schedule you and your student should be following for the greatest benefit to your loved one.

Happy Studying!
Bill and Janae Cooksey

The International School of Foundational Phonics Online


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