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Our program is designed to teach one step at a time and everybody begins with ABC.

You will be given one lesson at a time after which you will be given a test for your student to take. The test may be one question or the test may be several questions. When your student has completed each lesson and corresponding test, you will be given the next lesson and test to continue the program. The songs are taught throughout our program but you will have the complete set of songs in advance because they are designed to teach quickly and efficiently. Feel free to practice them at any time.

You agreed before you enrolled that you were willing to begin with ABC. If you feel that ABC is not where you want to start then you will need to search the internet for something that will suit your needs better. There are many fine programs for sale on the web.

Here is your first lesson

Class ONE
ABC Plans

Click here for all of the songs to to the entire program of our Step One curriculum


Please request the tests by writing

and put in the subject: NUMBER ONE

If the subject does not have the required heading your tests may not be sent. Thank you for your cooperation.