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Since 1986 we have professionally made caricatures at Las Vegas conventions, special events and parties. We've also offered our caricatures to players in casinos at the slot machines which have kept the people happy and content while playing the machines. We are licensed artists, who enjoy what we do. We are also the only Las Vegas artists featured on VH1 music television. Our artwork is owned by Jay Leno, Lou Rawls, Jenny Jones, Mickey Gilley and other celebrities.

When we are in between engagements, we would like permission to come to your establishment and offer our caricatures complimentary to your staff and guests. It is a lot of fun and always enjoyable. The way we offer our caricatures is that my husband or I approach the guests or staff and ask to make a complimentary caricature. When permission is granted, about a minute is taken to draw the outline of the face then we back off to where we are sitting. There we finish the caricature, then we bring the completed picture back to the person or persons who have just been drawn. We use markers and art paper to make the drawings. Sometimes we color the pictures and we usually use pastel chalk to do that. We blend in the colors. We do not use spray or any materials which would go into the air.

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