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Alas! All this struggle and effort (from 1975 through August 1976 ) was just to attain my notable place in history by seeing my name on two lines inserted into the 1977 Guinness Book World Record Book. Creating a degree of accomplishment in my free spirit, this landmark event, I knew, would change the world into a better place to live.

And in the Spring of 1977 as I entered the bookstore to purchase my copy of the legendary publication, I turned to the page upon which my name was supposed to be etched in stone. There must have been a mistake made in jolly old England. They listed some chap who supposedly played in the Fall of 1976 continuously for four days in the back room of some spaghetti parlor back East.

Wonder how that happened? Three guesses! Somebody read one of my hundreds of newspaper articles on my little event? An ambitious musician heard me on a radio interview? Or maybe Aunt Matilda saw me in Vegas and went home to tell her nephew he should out do Mr. Las Vegas. Who knows? God bless the industrious guy for his endeavor. (I trust he's still alive.)

I only know that for a brief period of time after May 9, 1976 at 4:16 PM Pacific time I held a ridiculous world record! Let's hope the lucky fellow listed in the book didn't end up paying the price which I had to pay afterwards. Yes, I got all the publicity and glory I needed to get things rolling in my career. But if you think this book has been about climbing a hard mountain in my life, "You ain't seen nuttin' yet"! Wait until you read my next book entitled:



Sub Title:

"Is That All There Is???"

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